AdvantageData wins American Financial Technology Awards Best New Technology Introduced Over The Last 12 Months – Middle and Back Office

Posted by Mark O'Brien on Dec 5, 2017 9:15:00 AM
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On December 4th, the 13th annual American Financial Technology Awards took place and  I am pleased to announce that AdvantageData has won the “Best New Technology Introduced Over The Last 12 Months – Middle and Back Office” award for the Middle Market Loan Advantage. Hosted by Waters magazine and, these awards recognize excellence in the deployment and management of financial technology within the asset management and investment banking communities.

AdvantageData has always expanded our product line when we saw an opportunity to help our clients or solve a problem in the industry. Winning this award demonstrates our commitment to that mission.

The Middle Market Loan Advantage was developed in partnership with a group of BDC’s seeking to outsource data collection, data mapping and pricing across the thousands of US middle market companies currently held as portfolio companies.

Historically the public and private credit markets have been distinct entities. Over the last few years those lines have blurred as BDCs, Direct Lenders, and other alternative vehicles have taken on the role of the banks in originating debt securities. In order to get insight into this market that is expanding in size and scope, AdvantageData leveraged BDC filings to get a unique perspective on this opaque market.  

With the lines blurring more every day between private/public and middle/broad market, this product applies to anyone involved in the credit markets. Bank and non-bank lenders alike use the Middle Market Loan Advantage to gain insight into this market of deals that fly beneath the radar of most other data providers.  Specialized middle market loan comp sets, pricing sources, benchmarks/indices, holdings and more are not available elsewhere for these clients.

For BDCs and those who track them, AdvantageData now has the only adaptable and customizable database for BDC analysis. Performing portfolio analytics, peer group comparison and holdings screens can be done within hours of filing release. No other tools serve the BDC space as quickly and comprehensively.

Looking to the future, this data will become even more valuable as non-bank lenders continue to expand their footprint in the capital markets. Leveraging this broad data set with industry leading tools will allows users of the Middle Market Loan Advantage to have powerful market intelligence on deals ranging from $1MM to $10B+ all in one place while rounding out the AdvantageData loan offering, adding to our syndicated and leveraged loan services. In order to stay competitive in the capital markets landscape, lenders and originators will need to have the full picture as provided by AdvantageData.

For more information and a free trial of our award winning Middle Market Loan Advantage, click here.

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