LSTA and AdvantageData

Since launching our Syndicated Loan product back in 2010, top financial firms rely on AdvantageData for their loan pricing and analytical needs. In addition, the Syndicated Loan product is fully integrated with the rest of AdvantageData's products, such as the High Yield and CDS Advantage.

Gain access to the following:

Pricing: Syndicated loan pricing for more than 5,000 syndicated loans from 200+ sources.

Holdings: Search buy-side firms for their current holdings by sector, portfolio, issuer, country, region and currency. View dollar amount holdings and quarterly dollar change, by holder.

Advanced Search: Search through all bonds, syndicated loans, CDS and equities for up to 17 years of historical pricing and analytics.

Charting: Chart any combination of bonds, syndicated loans, equities, CDS and/or indices. Overlay and compare up to 16 securities simultaneously.

Portfolios: Build an unlimited number of custom portfolios with real-time historical pricing and analytics for both syndicated loans and bonds.

Analytics: Yields & Spreads (to any benchmark), Premium, % Premium and Parity; OAS, Effective Duration & Convexity, Ratings, Z-Score and many other calculations.

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