Download: CDS White Paper

Posted by Molly Housel on Sep 29, 2016 11:34:57 AM
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Advantage Data Inc. provides best-in-house Credit Default Swap (CDS) data that allows users to make graphical and analytical comparison of Bonds, Loans and CDS in a single platform. Refer to ADI’s sample white paper on CDS and request a free demo to learn more about ADI’s proprietary tools.

Download: CDS White Paper

To learn more about the CDS Advantage request a free trial.


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From the leader in fixed income pricing and data comes market analytics and information you need now.

AdvantageData is your fixed income solution for pricing, analytics, reports, and insight on approximately:

  • 390,000+ U.S. and international corporate bonds
  • Over 5,200 CDS reference entities
  • Over 12,600 syndicated loans
  • 1,500 ETFs
  • Over 100 equity markets worldwide
  • One platform 12 asset classes from debt to CDS to loans to mid-market
  • Used by top buy and sell-side firms worldwide
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