Avaya Inc. Loan Performance Since Chapter 11 Filing on Friday

Posted by Nick Buenaventura on Jan 25, 2017 2:29:24 PM

This past Friday, Avaya Inc., announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in attempt to reduce its load of $6.3 billion in debt. The telecommunications company has been burdened by debt since an $8.2 billion buyout in 2007 by private equity companies, Silver Lake Partners and TPG Capital. Looking at intraday broker loan quotes on Avaya's L+525 2020, today's market opened at a 83 7/8 bid and 84 5/8 offer. Since then, the market has trended down to most recently a 83 1/2 bid and 84 offer. The L+750 DIP remains constant at 102 3/4 and 103 1/2.

Click to enlarge - Avaya Inc. Senior Secured LoanBusiness Development Company of America first invested in Avaya's L+525/20 in Q2 2015 and has historically priced the loan slightly above mutual funds through to the most recent filing of Q3. American Capital (acquired by Ares Capital in a $3.4 billion merger this past May) entered in the same investment in Q4 2015 and has been marking it more closely to the mutual funds in its valuations.

Click to enlarge - Avaya Inc. Cross Holdings (2015Q3 - 2016Q3)

Following the Chapter 11, it will be interesting to see how the Avaya Inc. loan holders priced their position prior to the announcement in their Q4 Filings. 

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