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Posted by Sourav Srimal on Jul 8, 2019 10:45:00 AM
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Below is the full list of public Business Development Companies found in AdvantageData's BDC Advantage. This post was originally published on October 18th, 2016. The contents on this post, and the business development companies herein, have been updated with the latest information available as of July 8, 2019. View an updated list as of November 2019 here.

CIK Ticker AUM (FV) Name SEC URL
1634452   211,693 AB Private Credit Investors Corp. SEC Link
1578620 ABDC 213,749 Alcentra Capital Corp. SEC Link
1278752 AINV 2,444,412 Apollo Investment Corp SEC Link
1287750 ARCC 13,063,600 Ares Capital SEC Link
1633858   298,035 Audax Credit BDC Inc. SEC Link
1655050 BCSF 1,913,609 Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc.

SEC Link

1379785 BBDC 1,189,384 Barings BDC SEC Link
1326003 BKCC 680,374 BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation SEC Link
1370755 TCPC 1,631,580 BlackRock TCP Capital Corp. SEC Link
1736035   955,832 Blackstone / GSO Secured Lending Fund SEC Link
1490927   2,528,816 Business Development Corp. Of America SEC Link
17313 CSWC 524,071 Capital Southwest Corporation SEC Link
1571329 CPTA 455,390 Capitala Finance Corp. SEC Link
1534254   1,821,603 Cion Investment Corp. SEC Link
1578348 CMFN 299,086 CM Finance Inc. SEC Link
1617896   179,230 Corporate Capital Trust II - T SEC Link
1633336   520,254 Crescent Capital BDC Inc. SEC Link
878932 EQS 66,027 Equus Total Return SEC Link
1513363 FDUS 670,481 Fidus Investment Corp SEC Link
1495584 SVVC 201,526 Firsthand Technology Value Fund Inc. SEC Link
1701724   86,372 Flat Rock Capital Corp. SEC Link
1501729   3,713,949 FS Energy & Power Fund SEC Link
1637417   311,687 FS Investment Corp IV SEC Link
1525759   4,634,818 FS Investment Corp. II SEC Link
1579412   3,671,558 FS Investment Corp. III SEC Link
1422183 FSK 7,440,200 FS KKR Capital Corp. SEC Link
1509892 GARS 480,863 Garrison Capital SEC Link
1143513 GLAD 387,720 Gladstone Capital Corp. SEC Link
1321741 GAIN 624,172 Gladstone Investment Corporation SEC Link
1572694 GSBD 1,405,097 Goldman Sachs BDC SEC Link
1683074   1,245,593 Goldman Sachs Middle Market Lending Corp. SEC Link
1674760   1,482,557 Goldman Sachs Private Middle Market Credit Corp. SEC Link
1476765 GBDC 2,031,163 Golub Capital SEC Link
1715268   328,033 Golub Capital BDC 3 Inc. SEC Link
1627515   2,112,255 Golub Capital Investment Corp. SEC Link
1675033 GECC 281,087 Great Elm Capital Corp. SEC Link
1509470 GSVC 313,551 GSV Capital Corp. SEC Link
1618697   375,395 Guggenheim Credit Income Fund SEC Link
1661306   31,065 Hancock Park Corporate Income Inc. SEC Link
1559909 HCAP 101,701 Harvest Capital Credit SEC Link
1280784 HTGC 2,081,042 Hercules Capital Inc. SEC Link
1535778   1,122,774 Hms Income Fund Inc. SEC Link
1487428 HRZN 266,152 Horizon Technology Finance Corp. SEC Link
1550913   100,373 Mackenzie Realty Capital Inc. SEC Link
1396440 MAIN 2,496,591 Main Street Capital Corp. SEC Link
1490349 MCC 612,500 Medley Capital Corp. SEC Link
1512931 MRCC 596,945 Monroe Capital SEC Link
1742313   20,009 Monroe Capital Income Plus Corp SEC Link
1099941 MVC 363,811 MVC Capital SEC Link
1496099 NMFC 2,522,305 New Mountain Finance SEC Link
1588272   112,927 NexPoint Capital Inc. SEC Link
1414932 OCSL 1,518,040 Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp. SEC Link
1577791 OCSI 603,975 Oaktree Strategic Income Corp. SEC Link
1744179   169,986 Oaktree Strategic Income II Inc. SEC Link
1487918 OFS 437,667 OFS Capital SEC Link
1297704 OHAI 73,338 OHA Investment Corporation SEC Link
1655888   6,831,712 Owl Rock Capital Corp. SEC Link
1655887   921,261 OWL Rock Capital Corp. II SEC Link
1747777   623,711 Owl Rock Technology Finance Corp. SEC Link
1259429 OXSQ 458,685 Oxford Square Capital Corp. SEC Link
1626899   61,792 Parkview Capital Credit Inc. SEC Link
1383414 PNNT 1,274,979 Pennant Park Investment SEC Link
1504619 PFLT 995,204 PennantPark Floating Rate Capital SEC Link
1372807 PTMN 274,513 Portman Ridge Finance Corp. SEC Link
845385   39,932 Princeton Capital Corp. SEC Link
1287032 PSEC 5,700,673 Prospect Capital SEC Link
81955 RAND 32,491 Rand Capital Corp. SEC Link
1653384   312,427 Runway Growth Credit Fund Inc. SEC Link
1743415   53 SCP Private Credit Income BDC LLC SEC Link
1523526   941,787 Sierra Income Corp. SEC Link
1614173   33,263 Siguler Guff Small Business Credit Opportunities Fund Inc. SEC Link
1418076 SLRC 1,750,247 Solar Capital SEC Link
1508171 SUNS 467,673 Solar Senior Capital SEC Link
1551901 SCM 517,412 Stellus Capital Investment Corp. SEC Link
1702510   696,897 TCG BDC II Inc. SEC Link
1544206 CGBD 2,155,209 TCG BDC Inc. SEC Link
1603480   1,149,822 TCW Direct Lending LLC SEC Link
1715933   722,676 TCW Direct Lending VII LLC SEC Link
1577134   62,570 Terra Income Fund 6 Inc. SEC Link
1464963 TCRD 497,564 THL Credit SEC Link
1521945   19,613 TP Flexible Income Fund Inc. SEC Link
1508655 TSLX 1,824,861 TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. SEC Link
1580345 TPVG 507,652 TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp. SEC Link
1717310   98,305 Venture Lending & Leasing IX Inc. SEC Link
1557424   170,448 Venture Lending & Leasing VII Inc. SEC Link
1642862   394,754 Venture Lending & Leasing VIII Inc. SEC Link
1552198 WHF 468,385 WhiteHorse Finance SEC Link


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