One Step Ahead: Identifying Distress In The Middle Market

Posted by Alex Buzby on Nov 28, 2018 11:31:34 AM
Alex Buzby
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Analyzing PIK and Coupon Spread changes can be a great way to identify middle market companies that are beginning to feel pressure from lenders.  Whether you're sourcing investments, consulting distressed borrowers or analyzing BDCs, utilizing alternative signs of distress as leading indicators is a great way to get ahead of the market - Download the data sample below!

PIK Addons & Coupon Spread Increases

BDC-filed information can be limited so informed market participants must use all data made public to its full potential.  Often small changes in fair value, coupon spread, PIK and addon subordinated debt can give valuable indication of portfolio and company health well before large changes occur. 

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With many more filings to come, you can also request a trial to Advantage Data's BDC workstation to quickly analyze and distill actionable information from quarterly filings. 


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